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Porcelain Tableware & Dinner Set

Get ready to be impressed with our variety of porcelain table ware and dinner set that you can find here in our promotional deals. Our premium porcelain table ware and dinner set are suitable for all occasions, weddings, and house parties. Check out our unique products that come in different shapes and sizes, designs, and robust materials. Don’t miss out on our exclusive deals on the porcelain table ware and dinner set we have prepared for you.

Best Luxury Dinnerware Sets

Everything you need to have to host the perfect dinner party is here. With our range of luxury dinner ware sets that have been beautifully crafted, these dinner ware sets are guaranteed to impress your dinner party guests. With our promotional deals on the best luxury dinnerware sets, you are good to go in organizing your holiday christmas parties in the near future. Check out our best premium dinner plates sets here at China Pottery.

Equinox Food Warmer Stainless Steel

Celebrating Raya with Equinox Agadir Food Warmer. 18/10 Stainless Steel O’Cuisine Glass Dish (Made In France) Impress your guests with the Equinox Stainless Steel Food Warmer. This incredibly functional and elegant food warmer can keep your food warm while being served. You can now prepare meals in the oven or on the stove top then transfer them to the warming stand for…

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Whiteware Sale 2020

NORITAKE white tableware offers elegant design and style for formal dining or casual meals perfect for all occasions. They are long-lasting and timeless Arctic White is a simple pattern in white with a subtle raised stripe in white around the rim. Microwave and dishwasher safe.   Contemporary design in white with a subtle circular embossed rim on a white fine…

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Christmas Special Noritake Platinum Wave

Platinum Wave is a more relaxed approach to formal dinnerware. Keeping to a simple modern feeling, this pattern interprets a classic scroll motif in an updated and playful manner. Washing against the rim of the plate, the platinum waves create a bold, yet elegant presentation. Square and round place settings, as well as a large variety of accessories, result in…

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LAV 1.2L Bloom Glass Jug

LAV 1.2L Bloom Glass Jug with Plastic Cover in Gift Box LAV 1.2L Pitcher with Cover LAV Bloom 1.2L pitcher with lid comes with a glass body and a plastic lid which specially designed to fit the refrigerator door. It does comes with an original gift box which is also ideal for gift. A new glass, always a new sensation!

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