Eisch crystal stemware, breathing new life into your wine glass. Eisch have been producing some of the finest and most innovative lead-free crystal for three generations. With the launch of Eisch SensisPlus range of stemware Eisch have introduced the world to the next evolution of wine enjoyment. Through SensisPlus patented dimple technology all wine lovers are able to dive even deeper into the complexities and flavours, which a wine has to offer each glass.

Since earliest times glass production has been characterised by a long tradition of craftsmanship, a high degree of technical expertise and artistic, creative skills. In the factory in Frauenau the glass is produced using highly skilled craft techniques in our own glass furnace. During our guided tours through the factory you have an opportunity to experience yourself the creation of a glass product from smelting to the final finishing process.

Over the years Eisch have earned an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation in the glass working world. Since 1995 Eisch has been voted 14 times as the number one glass producer by German retailers. Tradition, consistency and family are everyday lived and continued at Eisch. All of the Eisch range of glassware are dishwasher safe and highly durable for everyday use.