Industria Vetraria Valdarnese (IVV) was founded in 1952 by a group of master glaziers in San Giovanni Valdarno, a scenic town in the heart of Tuscany. Throughout the years IVV has become one of Europe’s leading producers and glassware supplier of handblown and handmade glass, leading the way by blending their extensive research into materials and technology with innovative design and traditional techniques in their luxury glassware. The resulting pieces of luxury glassware are unique, inimitable, and incomparably eye-catching.

Handblown glass cannot be untangled from the life of the craftsperson whose breath formed it; it is an embodiment of that life force, and it is the expertise of the maker that distinguishes the good from the great. The makers at IVV have not only their own lifetime expertise to draw upon but those of their teachers – a long line of creative succession stretching back through history.

Quality glass differs from ordinary glass from the moment that materials are selected, and at every stage, precision care, attention, and craft are put into the process. The glassmakers of IVV practice this care and attention every day, investing each and every luxury glassware they produce with the craftsmanship that sets them apart.

From its very beginning, IVV, a world-renowned glassware supplier, has always been deeply committed to social and ethical responsibilities by protecting the environment and providing safe working conditions. Check out another trustworthy crystal glass supplier for more options!