Melamine Dinner Set

Srithai Superware PLC is the leader in the manufacturing of plastic and melamine products in Thailand. Srithai Superware is the World’s largest producer of 100% Melamine tableware and dinner set. ‘Superware’ is a registered brand name of Srithai Superware melamine kitchenware, tableware, and dinner set products. Its high-quality tableware products are being exported all over the world and received many awards throughout the years.

Being a trendsetter in its industry, Superware has the widest selection of shapes and designs for its customers. Customers are able to purchase customized dinnerware from Superware. Superware will offer the best designs and materials in terms of customized dinnerware. These customized dinnerware are suitable for occasion such as wedding functions and house party.  Superware melamine dinner set and plates are widely used for wedding functions. The factory also has been appointed by many leading European, US, and Japanese brands as the official/licensed OEM manufacturer. 

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