With the SENSISPLUS glass EISCH GERMANY presents a development in the field of flavour perception that
convinced gourmets and wine connoisseurs worldwide doing wine glass comparison tastings. SENSISPLUS is the key to every wine. With SENSISPLUS the wine shows to advantage its full complexity and its full potential after pouring in a short time. To best enjoy the most popular wines we recommend a Burgundy, a Bordeaux, a Red Wine and a White Wine glass. SENSISPLUS helps to enjoy, to taste and understand wines without having to be an expert.


1. For the SensisPlus comparison tasting use an EISCH SENSISPLUS glass and compare it to the best other glass available.

2. Open a new bottle of wine and pour the same amount of wine into both glasses.

3. After a few minutes check the bouquet and the taste in both glasses, and the aromas tour can start. You will be surprised.

TIP: You can also taste spirits, fruit juices, espresso or other beverages in the SENSISPLUS glasses. Taste the difference!